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NationBuilder for Nonprofits

Originally, designed for political organizing NationBuilder now offers those same tools to non-profits to manage their needs.  NationBuilder has everything a non-profit needs including ways to raise money, recruit volunteers, and manage donors. 

The NationBuilder platform includes a database, website content management and a communications hub. The communication hub has email, phone, texting and social media integration. 

From one application, non-profits can manage a website, do social media marketing and manage their volunteers for both online and offline events

For donor management, a point person can be assigned for follow-up, and each donation creates an activity record in user profiles. First time donors automatically get a new signup profile. 

Encourage donations with the leader boards. In addition, NationBuilder support a variety of payment processors such as Democracy Engine, and PayPal Express Checkout and others. It is also easy to process credit card donations made by phone and log cash or check transactions.

There is an Email add-on, which includes email blast templates and customizable auto responses. All the communications are fully integrated with the website and database.

Cloud based all updates are automatically available with no installation required.
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