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Closing the Nonprofit Capacity Gap Through Technology to Drive Greater Impact in Local Communities

Closing the Nonprofit Capacity Gap Through Technology to Drive Greater Impact in Local Communities Alex Radelich

Reinforcing a corporate mission that propels purpose alongside growth, Social Solutions announced today it is a certified Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, demonstrating commitment to clients, employees and social purpose both internally and externally. 

“Social Solutions has been mission-oriented since we were founded by social workers in the field delivering human services 20 years ago. Our Delaware Public Benefit Corporation certification underscores our commitment to driving not only technology innovation and growth, but also social change together with front line organizations, community leaders and funders,” said Erin Mulligan Nelson, CEO Social Solutions. Taking that commitment even further, Social Solutions is also launching their new Impact Partners initiative.  “The need for social services has never been greater. Demand is outpacing service capacity – in fact, 38 states don’t have enough social workers to meet the needs of the people they need to serve.  Innovation is required to respond to this crisis, and technology can bridge this gap.  With Impact Partners, Social Solutions will accelerate access to technology for social good organizations by raising the funds required for technology enablement on their behalf.”

Inspired by a partnership that began with Ballmer Group two years ago, Social Solution’s Impact Partners initiative is designed to close the technology gap by raising funding for nonprofits to reduce the barriers of purchasing case management software.

“Technology, data and community collaboration can truly transform the way philanthropic investments impact the pace of change,” said Stephanie Fast, President of Impact Partners. “Ballmer Group was a catalyst for recognizing the importance of investments in technology that enable data driven decision making and improve operational efficiencies for nonprofits. Social good organizations that are enabled with the right technology can serve more people, deliver better outcomes and make better decisions about where to focus their resources.  Impact Partners is committed to powering social change by connecting more philanthropic funders interested in making technology investments in the causes they care about with social good organizations on the front lines.”

Commitment to Purpose, Mission and Values

The acquisition of Athena Software and its product, Penelope, a leading case management software solution, is now complete and bolsters Social Solutions’ technology innovation portfolio and expands the company’s global reach.  Social Solutions and Athena Software are perfectly aligned in purpose, mission and values, creating a significant opportunity for clients to increase the positive impact they make in the communities they serve. 

A new visual identity and brand have also been unveiled to articulate the company’s purpose of providing insights and technology solutions to support clients’ missions. The identity, including a fully redesigned website, reflects Social Solutions’ purpose, mission and values, which influence every interaction with clients.

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