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Helping Nonprofits Build Mobile Sites

People are using their mobile devices for everything from quick searches and reading novels to interacting with their favorite charity, but what if the organization doesn't have a website optimized for use on mobile devices? Well, not having a mobile website can lead to frustration on the users' part, which could lead to the organization losing a potential volunteer or donation. 

So how does a non-profit get a mobile website? One way is to work with a company such as MoFuse. MoFuse, which is short for Mobile Fusion, provides an easy affordable way for non-profits to create and manage their mobile website.

In addition to using MoFuse's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to build mobile web sites, non-profits can use it to build microsites, landing pages and forms. According to MoFuse, the Platform optimizes mobile sites for every smart phone and feature phone around the world. 

MoFuse is a subscription-based service that offers two options; non-profits can choose to build their own mobile device using the platform or they can have MoFuse build their mobile site for them. Even if the non-profit doesn't currently have an existing website, MoFuse can help them build a mobile website. 

The build-it-yourself option has different price levels depending on the size of the organization and the anticipated monthly traffic. The build-it-for me option pricing is quoted directly to the organization. 

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