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OnBoard: Board Portal Software

passagewaysBoard portal software such as OnBoard by Passages can make preparing for your nonprofits  board meeting easier.

With OnBoard  your organization can create all the board documents need for the meeting in a digital environment, which not only allows for collaboration between the people involved in creating the materials but also the the easy distribution of those materials.

Documents prepared via OnBoard are available for reading via PC, tablet or other smart device. Each member logs on securely to their dashboard. Where they can then read, review and make notes. These notes are then stored securely and the individual user can search their stored documents at a later date. OnBoard includes a sync features--that allows all notes to be synced across devices.

Use OnBoard to create and maintain your board books. The portal includes a shared resource center where all pertinent board materials are stored.

Plus, the dashboard gives each member access to the resource center, calendar and other announcements.

Electronic signatures can be collected using the software, and these are just as legal as handwritten signatures.
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