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kindful 001Kindful does more than just fundraise. It gives you insight into how your donors give. It does all the essentials of a fundraising platform such as tracking donations and sending giving statements, but in addition it gives you tools to perform analytics that will help you increase your donor retention and donations.

Kindful  lets your organization track of all changes to donor profiles; including donations, pledges and giving history.

Your organization can use Kindful’s mail merge functionality to send out all printed communication including thanks you’s and donor statement. It integrates seamlessly with most email marketing tools. It lets you sync contacts and it automatically tracks mass email results within your donor database.

In addition, you can integrate Kindful with other software such as Eventbrite, Quickbooks or MailChip, which will let you see your donor’s behaviour such as attendance at events, or email open rate.

Reporting is easy with custom built reports and you can schedule automated reportes to be sent to you via email. Easily query your donors and save those searches for quick access later. It lets you segment your donors into target groups based on any variety of criteria.

You can create development reports that illustrate fundraising progress in a visual comparison with previous years.
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