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Survey Questions for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in their communities. They provide various support services, including offering support and resources to people in the community who need help. However, starting and running a nonprofit is challenging. So there is a need to involve stakeholders to ensure your nonprofit understands the problems in the community, builds a mission and vision and runs activities that benefit targeted individuals. Here are survey questions for your nonprofit to help you identify areas you need to improve or focus on.


Get Your Plans Ready for the New Year

You are excited as you plan for festivities and celebrations that are common at the end of the year. However, the question is, are you ready to make the most of the New Year? If the answer is no, perhaps now is the right time to look into your plans and think of what you should do as you approach the beginning of another year. As a nonprofit, you must get your plans ready for the new year by developing fundraising strategies and resilience plans. Here are a few tips to help you start the year right.


Nonprofits and For-Profits Are Different

As indicated by their names, nonprofits and for-profits are different terms of ownership structures, operations and purpose. They can also have different goals, funding sources and visions. As such, understanding the differences between nonprofits and for-profits can help you know the type of business or organization you want to launch. This article explains the differences between nonprofits and for-profit.


Try These Strategies to Grow Your Nonprofit

Nonprofits organizations play a vital role in our society. They provide ways in which we can address social and even economic issues. A report duped Nonprofit Trends Report of 2020 shows that 75% of nonprofits reported increased demand for their services and programs. That was done before the COVID-19 pandemic, which wreaked havoc in many areas of society. With the increasing societal challenges, nonprofit organizations have responded by expanding their programs, creating awareness and increasing partnerships. As a nonprofit leader, you need to establish the challenges that people face. As you seek to look into your causes, try these strategies to grow your nonprofit into an organization that can help as many people as you would like:


Great Ideas for Your Holiday Nonprofit Fundraising

Holidays are always a time to have fun and participate in an activity you believe in. During such a time, many people choose to participate in charity. As a volunteer, giving is better than receiving during this time of the year. Since most people purchase gifts and would be willing to give back during this season, it gives you a chance to boost your end-year fundraising. However, this can only succeed in an environment with a good fundraising plan. Here are great ideas for your holiday nonprofit fundraising to help you plan.


You're Ready to Start Your Nonprofit if You Have Covered These 5 Issues

Starting a nonprofit is one way you can give back to your community and help people in need. However, the process is not always straightforward as many people might think. As such, it is important that people understand all the steps involved before moving ahead. While some may think starting a nonprofit is simple, it may take years of effort and determination. Most nonprofits do not know the right time to implement an expansion plan or even how they should create a growth strategy to achieve their goals. The question is, when do you know that you are ready to start a nonprofit? As explained in this article, you are ready to start a nonprofit if you have covered these five issues.


Ask Yourself These Questions Before Starting Your Nonprofit

Starting a nonprofit is a noble idea and is often done by brave and selfless individuals. Sadly, most people start nonprofits without fully understanding what they are getting into. While starting these organizations might be due to good intentions, intentions alone cannot help you achieve your goals and fulfil your mission. Rather, it would be best if you did more digging deeper and developed sound strategies that will allow you to achieve your targets. Ask yourselves these questions before starting your nonprofit organization, regardless of the group of people you want to serve or the mission you want to achieve.


These Financial Documents are Key to Every US Nonprofit

Nonprofits are organizations owned by shareholders and with no intention to earn profits. Rather, they seek to gain revenue to distribute for programs, grants and other support systems in society. While nonprofits are not required to earn profits by law, they have financial reporting systems at their disposal that helps them understand and report their financial statement. With auditing being a requirement of nonprofits, just like the for-profits, auditors and grantors, as well as the board of directors, might demand reports concerning the nonprofit’s financial health and the viability of the courses they are participating in. These financial documents are key to every nonprofit in the US.


How to Secure Charitable Giving: The Role of Data Security in Device Donations

Most organizations plan for the unexpected, but not many planned for a global pandemic that would trigger an instant shift to remote work, and the massive amount of extra IT equipment and devices that this sudden transition required. According to one of our research reports, 97% of 600 global enterprises surveyed had to purchase new IT equipment. Now, with the vast majority of businesses having readjusted their operations back to “normal,” many employees have found their way back to the office, but enterprises are still dealing with the pandemic’s IT aftermath, among which is device redundancy. So, what can be done with all of the extra devices now that workers are back in the office?


What is Your Fundraising Model?

Developing a funding strategy for a nonprofit is a challenge that is sometimes hard to surmount. For a nonprofit to be successful, it must have a proper funding model that ensures it is liquid and can fund its operations, mission and vision. These models do not have to be general to be useful. A funding model is a methodological and standardized method of building a reliable revenue base to support an organization's core programs and services. Although many nonprofits seek funding from various sources, research has shown that 90 percent of the largest embraced funding models built around a single revenue source. Here are a few funding models you can consider for your nonprofit.


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